Accounting spreadsheet for small businesses in Mauritius

Pre-populated with MRA accounts

We have pre-populated the spreadsheet with accounts that Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) has on their tax return forms and marked them in green as shown. This makes it easy for tax returns. Using these accounts as much as possible will reduce your workload for tax filings.

Spare space available

We also have enough space for additional accounts that you would like to add to march how you would like to operate your small business in Mauritius. All the spare account spaces are linked to the journal, ledger, and the financial statements automatically.

Our spreadsheet is pre-populated with accounts from the tax return forms from Mauritius Revenue authority

User-friendly account selection

The accounts can be selected using a user-friendly drop-down menu. This prevents typos when typing in the account name. It also allows the user to see all the available account types and accounts without having to go to the accounts tab for reference.

Accounting spreadsheet for tax returns in Mauritius that allows account selection using a drop-down menu
Our spreadsheet automatically enters the data from the journal entry into the ledger

Automatic ledger entry

Our backend formulas automatically takes the journal entries and enter them into the ledger in their respective accounts. It also enters the transaction ID of the transaction so it can be retraced back to the journal sheet.

Financial statements

The accounts are linked to the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, and the Statement of Cash Flows (indirect method). This way, you are able to view your financial statements without any additional work. You can easily close all accounts by changing the "close accounts" cell to "1." This will close all your revenues and expenses accounts, and calculates your retained earnings. You can print your financial statements for any meetings and then changing the "close accounts" cell back to "0." Nothing will be affected and you won't have to spend time closing the accounts everytime you need to show a snapshot of your finances to stakeholders.

Statement of cash flows from our accounting spreadsheet for tax returns in Mauritius


Our affordable accounting spreadsheet for easy tax returns help you take care of your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax needs without taking capital away from your small business in Mauritius. There are no recurring fees like other packages. Just a minimal one-time fee and it is yours forever.

Local customer support

We have a team in Mauritius available to work with if you need any help. We have significant experience working with small businesses in Mauritius. We speak English, French, and Mauritian Creole. Furthermore, you may be interested in our bookkeeping services for small businesses in Mauritius.

No installation needed

We kept the spreadsheet at a level that you are able to use it on Microsoft Excel Online for free. This way, you don't need to install anything on your computer and can access your accounting spreadsheet using any compatible browser on any computer across the world. This also allows for collaboration.

Lifetime updates

You will have access to any upgrades we make to this spreadsheet. Rest assured that we are continuously upgrading it since we are using the same spreadsheet template to manage our businesses. We only add features that are really needed to keep it simple and allow you to use it on Microsoft Excel Online for free.

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