Products for small businesses in Mauritius


Custom accounting spreadsheet designed for Mauritius' tax filing requirements

  • Works with Excel Online so you can access it anywhere using a browser
  • Easily customizable
  • Free training


Supply Chain

Custom supply chain solutions solver for importation into Mauritius and distribution

  • User-friendly spreadsheet so you can customize your values
  • Save money by reducing your distributions costs

Bid evaluations

  • Evaluate bids from up to 3 vendors for 5 different items.
  • Determine optimal quantity of each item to order from each vendor
  • Factor in discount from vendors after ordering a certain amount
  • Incorporate discounts for ordering 2 items from one vendor

Company Evaluation

Project how the financial statements of a company will look like for the next 5 years using trends from the last 3 years to create assumptions

  • Sensitivity analysis
    • EPS
    • Equity value per share
  • Add steps to drivers
  • Consider revolver and long-term debts


Evaluate investments

Use this Incremental Income statement sheet to determine whether an investment is worth it over 10 years. Adjust the discount rate based on the cost of capital to depict the value of the investment. Adjust the Net Capital Expenditures and Net Working Capital Investment each year. Determine the Return on Assets each year.

Startup Financial Model

Use our template to show what the next 5 years of your startup will look like financially. Our template guides you through the sales, cost of sales, personnel, capital expenditures, overhead, and assumptions. We also allow upside and downside scenarios so you can show your potential investors you level of due diligence.

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